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The Reproductive Story Project
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About the Project

Maybe you always knew that you wanted three children — maybe you even picked out their names.  Maybe you imagined watching your daughter at her first piano recital – or building a tree house with your son. Your hopes and dreams of what your family would look like — and how you envisioned yourself as a parent — is all a normal part of your reproductive story. Also normal is the belief that your story will unfold without a hitch with a happy, healthy baby in your arms.

Having infertility or a pregnancy loss clearly is not part of your original reproductive story — nor is having a premature baby with complications, or having postpartum depression, especially after a highly sought after pregnancy.

None of this is the way it was supposed to be. Part of why you feel so awful is that your reproductive story has gone terribly awry. This is traumatic and a real loss.

Sharing your reproductive story is a step toward healing. Writing or talking about your story helps alleviate the isolation you may be experiencing. You are not alone! Telling your story is also an invaluable tool in helping you grieve your reproductive losses. Giving voice to your feelings and knowing others will understand helps you grieve. 

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