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Reproductive Trauma:
Psychotherapy with Infertility and Pregnancy Loss Clients

Table of Contents

PART I Theoretical Foundations
Chapter 1 The Reproductive Story
Chapter 2 Developmental Tasks of Adulthood: Losses of Opportunity
Chapter 3 When the Reproductive Story Goes Awry: Trauma and Loss
PART II Counseling the Reproductive Patient
Chapter 4 Techniques of Assessment and Treatment
Chapter 5 Grieving a Reproductive Loss
Chapter 6 The Impact of Reproductive Challenges on Intimate Relationships
Chapter 7 At a Crossroad: Facing Third-Party Reproduction and Adoption
PART III Therapist’s Considerations
Chapter 8 Self-Disclosure, Transference, and Counter-Transference
Chapter 9 Adjuncts to Therapy and Complementary Care
PART IV Additional Concerns
Chapter 10 Medical, Moral, and Ethical Complications
Chapter 11 Pregnancy After Infertility and Reproductive Loss
Epilogue Rewriting the Reproductive Story